Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It has been eons since I've posted anything... partly due to the fact I've been so busy, and partly due to the fact I'm getting a little tired of this blog!

Seemed like a good idea when we first set sea's on our Bacardi tour, but now that we are living lives in a somewhat normal way, updating y'all on what we are doing seems to be a little mundane.

I'm giving this blog till summer hits and if I'm still not feeling it, then I think I may say goodbye and leave it up to the vices of my lady love Jemima.

I was down in Austin for SXSW.. the music, film and interactive festival and conference. I got 9 hours sleep in 7 days so suffice to say I was exhausted!

We (Jelly) produced a 3 day Carniville with Iheartcomix and Mad Decent at the MAC centre... it was banana's and I met some of the most interesting and amazing peeps... shout out to you 'The Very Best'... you stole my heart.

Super line up including: Yacht, Sleigh Bells, Glass Candy, The Death Set, The Walkmen and head liners Diplo and Major Lazer..

So many stories not fit for a blog.. if you know me... just ask me ;-)

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