Monday, July 13, 2009


New Orleans, Louisianna- The term 'Big Easy' is believed to come from a dance hall by that name which existed in the early 1900s. Some say that it might have been the dance hall, an actual dance, or possibly even a person who could do the dance. At the turn of the century, jazz musicians were fond of nicknames, and might have used the 'Big Easy' for an uptown dance hall. Eventually the nickname transferred to the city as a whole, referring to the gentle pace of life and somewhat lax morals for which New Orleans is known... 

In other words this place is CRAZY!!!!

In the 4 days we had the privilege of staying on Bourbon St we managed to party like a hot mess, get our past lives read by a pyschic and go on a vampire tour of the French quarter.

New Orleans definitely has a strange vibe to it... There is some, otherworldly feel about the city.. it's strange but good at the same time.

Maybe we were just bitten by a vampire ;-)

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