Sunday, September 27, 2009


So.. it's been a really tough couple of days for this New Yorker...I woke up on Thursday morning to a knock on the door telling me our whole building was being served a vacate notice.. this meant we had an hour to pack our personal belongings and vacate the building.

We gathered our stash and waited outside the building to be told their were issues with the lack of exit signs, handrails and exit doors in the building.. not to mention the sprinkler system didn't work and the building didn't have a certificate of occupancy.

So we left... as the fire trucks, NYPD, Department of Building and Red Cross were dealing with the 40-50 misplaced residents.

I'm now staying @ my favorite person (and most hospitable) Erin's place in East Village AGAIN until I can find a new abode.. Have spent the last 3 days treking around the city trying to find a new apartment...OH... Did I mention the vacate notice has now been changed to a permanent eviction?!?

If New York doesn't kill you, it can only make you stronger!

Stay tuned.. hopefully I won't be homeless for the winter... brrrrrrrr!

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