Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My girl, Sally, has been staying with me for the weekend which has been awesome! 
It's been about 3 years since we've seen each other, we met in a bar in NY when I was living there and it was super fun to play tour guide for the weekend. 
Showing her all the places I was so excited about when I first arrived in LA was kinda weird and I'm definitely no expert on the city but we had a blast! 
Today topped it all off beauitfully, I met the percussionist that tours with Rod Stewart the other week and he invited me to the taping of the band, on The Jay Leno show at NBC today. 
So, not only did we go, but we sat front row and went backstage afterwards. 
Pretty rad! 
Although, I must admit I hate being told when to laugh and when to clap! 
Bit like being a perfoming seal I guess..! 
Sunday, I shot a Doritos commercial which was pretty funny. 
The aim is to get it on during Superbowl, the ad space is something ridiculous like $1M so the exposure would be priceless...! 
Once I have the final cut, I'll post it on here. 
Hope everyone had as wonderful a weekend as I did! 

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