Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well, well, well.. 
Seems things have a strange way of working out in life and I have finally found myself a little job, 2 months later! 
Who knew it would be harder to get a serving job that an acting gig in LA?!
 I'm back to my second profession, bar tending at this super cute little Italiano place in Hollywood. 
Great crew, awesome live music and beautiful, relaxed vibe. Loving it. 
I also just celebrated my first Halloween in the US. 
The date is pretty significant to me as it was this time last year that Alicia and I were meant to be over here but we had to wait for the Consulate to process my visa, well I had to wait, Alicia decided to do so with me.. Special lady that she is.. :) 
It's a HUGE deal here and the costume shops are packed for the weeks before with people trawling around, trying to find that special, original outfit. 
To be honest, it was all a bit much for me and in the end I gave up and opted for the easy option of a 70s hippie. Boring I know, but I was really just looking for an excuse to wear a brown wig (Mums been going on at me to dye my hair for weeks now, so this was my next best offer!). 
Had a blast celebrating my friend, Jades big 21st and my first Halloween here, but I really found it all a bit over-rated and a lot like Sydney on New Years Eve. 
Far too much of a build up over just another night out. Never a good idea to go to too many places and always a good idea to just go with the flow and not plan too far ahead.  
On another note, I've just started acting classes again and am studying with Margie Haber Studios in West Hollywood. 
I went there when I first got to LA and have been DYING to go back ever since. She's amazing. Her technique really resonates with me and her studios provide a place where the actor can feel safe and comfortable in a collaborative environment and I love, love, love that! 
She's coached Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Molly Sims and many other big name celebs so she definitely knows her shit. 
All in all though, things are moving onwards and upwards for me and my journey in the big ol US of A. 
Can't wait to see what's around the next corner. 
Loving and living.

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